My two cents

“Maybe I’m wrong?”. I think if everyone asked this to themselves every time they get into an argument, the world would be a much happier place.

To be honest, I too like to be right about things, I argue and try to emphasize my point on things that I find nonsensical, usually to a point where my lovely wife just gives up. Why? because she’s smart; why bother she would say, and I have to agree, these nonsensical arguments are usually insignificant.

From her I’ve learned this art of aloofness which helps me a lot when dealing with the world. I thought I knew it before but finally, I’ve realized the actual meaning of the phrase “ignorance is bliss” which is mostly the reason I haven’t blogged in years but I feel like there are things we can change about us. Things which most of us do or don’t do that leads to annoyance, impatience, rudeness and finally anger towards each other. So here it is;

Let’s all minimize the honking. I mean you know the unreasonable honking, maybe just wait a minute or two before starting? This honking has gotten out of hand now, don’t you think? It’s come to a place where, unless someone is not relentlessly honking the people who are stopped do not hustle on with their business, it’s come to the point where little kids on the laps of their parents think the appropriate response to stopping in traffic is immediately pressing the button that makes that loud noise.

I’ve seen that a few times, the way they smile with pride after the grownup thing they just did.

I have typed honked too much, just you know let’s agree to not honk unless we have to.

Let’s fact check and I mean everything. If we are sharing something for our loved ones or friends I think it is our duty to check if it’s true. Do you realize how many people fight over facts that are not even true? And do you realize how many actual internet trolls are out there, clickbait sites or people with stupid agendas and biases? The internet consists of the collective thought of every human being who has access to a computer or phone, I cannot even image the amount of nonsense that’s in it; don’t add to it. #flatearthforthewin

Accept that people are different, most importantly different people have different opinions, we may wholeheartedly disagree with that opinion, and that’s okay. The problem comes when we try to force each other’s opinions down each other’s throats. When has that ever worked? We can be right and if we are IA other’s will, in time, also come to accept it. Sometimes, we just need to let go.

Don’t unnecessarily add people to social media groups. And certainly stop adding them after they leave. You do not need a Viber group for everything, even if you do, start accepting that some people might not want to be in it. I mean 120 people talking at the same time, who do you even reply to?

Everybody needs to give way to each other on the road. Not just motorcycles or cars but people who walk. And use the zebra cross, they keep repainting it for a reason. Stop taking your children diagonally across the street. And wait awhile before you overtake something stopped in front of you. I don’t know how many times roads were blocked because a car, or cycle or a big ass lorry couldn’t wait for a few seconds.

Use your turn signals. Please.

Stop doing a wrong thing to right a wrong, it never works. It doesn’t, it just makes things more complicated, muddy and it takes us back to square one.

Smoke responsibly. Just remember it is your prerogative to smoke, unless it is not directly affecting a person around you who does not want second hand smoke, or someone who can’t move away, like a kid.

Be a little considerate when you park. Considerate to not park in front of the front door of a house, considerate when parking between two motorcycles; usually we are all in a hurry but I think we if were just little bit more cautious we can avoid scratching each others motorcycles or breaking the back number plates.

There is no actual gray area. Things are pretty much black and white, if you need to find a gray area for something it means that there is something wrong there right? And someone will be wronged in some way.

Pray. Not just Friday, everyday. It’s like exercising, it’s hard to start. It’s hard to wake up early in the morning, it’s hard to go to mosque with a busy schedule, meetings and whatnot, but once you start and keep at it, everything else will fall into place. I will now skip the sanctimonious portion and just say this, I used to wonder why my life was so crappy, now I know why it was.

To summarize, life is chaotic, disappointing and sometimes cruel. Usually because people are those things, so maybe if we become just a little bit better, treat each other a little bit better, it doesn’t have to be. Maybe we can make it a little bit better.


It’s a blog post, why are you here if you don’t want to read it. #sarcasmshouldbesomewhereinoneofmyblogposts






You know the worst thing about trust? Losing it for someone.

It`s like a disease then, an incurable disease that just gnaws at you from every angle. From everything a person says, to what they do. You start to question everything but you don’t want to, it`s like an obsession, it`s a unfulfilled need. And nothing, makes it better. It seems hardly fair to keep judging  someone, weighing their every action against possible mutiny towards your mental health but this insatiable monster will keep on putting scenarios in your mind, one after another after another.

You will have 99 problems and only 2 could actually be true, but the rest, ridiculously spun fairly tales will still erk you.



All roads leading to your inevitable madness from erking too much

And then you say, you`re ok. You`re past it, it shall not bother you no more but the brain is a scumbag, it remembers what you want to forget, it forget what you want to remember. 



See scumbag!! And a smartass..

But then again, maybe your subconscious is more rational than you are, maybe you should remember what happened? Maybe it`s an old defense mechanism created from when Cain beat his brothers brains in, an action followed by the rest in different levels of malevolence over the history of mankind. So maybe it`s not a mystery or a curse?… 



Sandman: Awesome comic

And yet even though forgiven it still comes up… if only it were as simple as shift+delete.


50 first dates, even though with Adam Sandler in it, it would be one of my favourite from a very short list of romantic comedies, the concept of deploying schemes to meet a girl for the first time, for 50 times is mind boggling BECAUSE how special would that person be if you were willing to do that in real life for that someone? …

And now the voice of Adele to complete that wondrous thought..


From the days gone past,

From the start of worth,

We have felt within our soul,

To possess everything that we sought.


Hence when we see,

An object that we desire,

What else can we call it,

If not a hunt?


We stalk our prey,

Approach slowly,

We play with their caution and let down their guard,

And pounce, we have them, to destroy, to imprison, to our hearts desire.


And then throughout time,

We say we respect, we say we love,

And yet it`s all a farce,

A game, malarkey and barf.


But why cant we stop?

Why cant we let go?

Why cant we love and not possess, 

The people we call our happiness?


Why are we such hunters?

Such monsters?


What is infinity? How can we assume to know that something does not end when we cannot comprehend our beginning or our end?

We always say that everything has a start and an end. What if nothing has a start and nothing actually ends? We see life as being linear just existing within the scope of reality or just able to reach the tip of a cosmic bowl never having the ability to see outside it even with what we call our vast imagination.

So what is infinity? Isnt it just a word to describe something we dont know? Or something we can never accomplish?



Look at it all

There`s a quiet simplicity and elegance in which homo-sapiens can inherit all acts of evil. It`s not a reach, it`s not done in difficulty, it is as natural as the sun rising everyday. The obvious states of malice hidden between the drivel conjured for each other`s benefit, is truly a marvel, a gift, a super imposed reality. Truly there can be no other such talents we all share and thrive at. And hence it is time, truly time, to listen to some jazz, do some work, and finally say…


(deep breath)


Control is a funny little word and there many definitions for it but my favorite is this one “the power to restrain something esp. one’s own emotions or actions”, mostly because this is the one thing we all struggle with.

Many of us have met that one person or two or three who we would describe as a “a control freak”, who not only wants to control every aspect of their lives but also control the lives of the people around them. 

Over protective parents, a jealous boy friend, unsympathetic husband, the occasional psychopath. 

I believe that control is an illusion, a veil we use to justify our actions or maybe feel better about our decisions, if we made them, if we had thought about it enough, if we believe we made the right decision, that it was “MY” decision, it must be right. And then there cannot be any regrets.

Even though I believe control is an illusion, at least in our daily lives, that does not stop us from trying.

The masochist gives up the control to be able to feel control, because if you can give up control to be in pain with the certainty that you have the power to stop it, would not that be an ultimate form of control?

Control does come in the saddest of ways as well, rape victims scarred as they are, why do you think some of them kill themselves? When all control is taken away from you, there is a need to control something, anything, and sadly the control to end their lives becomes the most viable action, it comes with benefits too, the pain ends, at least they think so.

Control is also a way of blaming others and blaming one self, control or the lack of is also an excuse or a way out. Control is one epitome of humanities failures and yet, something we all set out to achieve from the womb.

… is it worth it though?


“Vanity..thou art my favorite sin”

Today was a day of me telling myself about 3 times that i will never understand humans. It was a normal day.

Did you know that people pay huge amounts of money, in hundreds of thousands to buy a number plate for their car. 

What does this huge amounts of money get us? Numbers like 101, 103.. 1004. Instead of the generic ones, the ones everyone else has. Now some of you reading this might think why are these people spending hundreds of thousands of rufiya to buy a ‘nice’ number for their vehicles?

Well cause they can, they have so much friggin money that they can afford to spend all this money just to show off. They buy it because ideally it represents what we crave to say everyday and all the time, ‘this is my friggin domain, bitch. i can afford this shit.’ – pardon my french.

But again.. why? I mean you can buy a business, go study, help someone study, donate it, or friggin invest it in something to get more money, but even though of course doing something good with the money is not in the picture, they just piss it off on a FRIGGIN NUMBER PLATE!!! WTF

“Vanity..thou art my favorite sin”

People getting married and the amount of money they spend on the wedding astonishes me too, call me stingy but spending 10,000 plus on a dress for a wedding for one night is excessive. 

And the justification for such expenditure is that the night is special and it happens once in a lifetime.. i mean c`mon.. really.. that`s why the divorce rate is so high the courts have to regulate and fine people for getting a divorce without going there.. 





Genius 2.0

Today I was waiting in line with about 200 people infront of me, so yeah I had a lot of time to kill. Anyway I wait around, go out for a smoke, sat in the lobby for awhile, go for a ride, bought cat food took that home and then went back and there were 191 people in front of me.

People kept coming, growling, complaining, and the crowd was growing by the minute it got a little claustrophobic and smelly so I go sit outside on the stairs, incidentally in front of the elevator.

This is where the actual story starts. This is a true story but I dont know their names so I decided to call them Juha 1 and Juha 2. 

So Juha 1, comes and presses the button to go downstairs from the second floor, Juha 1 did not need any exercise at all, none.. anyway Juha 1 pressed it and then Juha 1 and Juha 2 started “conversing”, about a man who was not living to his potential, and Juha 1 sighed after saying if Ahmed would only realize that the best thing for him was Juha 1, things would be much better for Ahmed. 

Ahmed, dude, run.

So while they were “conversing” the lift came up, opened, closed and moved on. They did not notice.

So they pressed the button again, this time angry because of the slow elevator.

Again, lift came up, opened, closed and moved on; they did not notice, their “conversation” had now gone onto; things Ahmed and Juha 1 would do. I cannot stress how much this Ahmed dude needs to run.

Anyway; they were angry by now, really angry at the slowest lift in the world.

And Juha 2 decides to just walk down the 2 flights of stairs, and as they go past Juha 2 comments sarcastically; “THIS LIFT WILL COME TOMORROW!”

And Juha 1 laughed and laughed. 




$ Black Market

It`s frigging hard to get dollars these days, i mean c`mon you want dollars from the bank you have to camp near one for a night to get a measly 200$.

It shouldn’t be so hard, things shouldn’t have gone to this point. Regular people shouldn’t have to scrounge for money, or get robbed with black market rates. There shouldn’t be a black market just for dollars.

But there is, and we here, and things are that bad.